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Water Vehicle Accident

Water Vehicle Accident is one of the listings in the Occupational Injury and Illness Classification System (OIICS) of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It describes a type of accident that brings about a work-related injury to a worker. When a worker is injured in a work-related accident, the circumstances that resulted in the injury have to be placed under one of the categories in the OIICS.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of The Interior says that the term water vehicle, watercraft and vessel include, but are not limited to, "boats _whether powered by engine, wind, or other means_, ships _whether powered by engine, wind, or other means_, barges, surfboards, personal watercraft, water skis, or any other device or mechanism the primary or an incidental purpose of which is locomotion on, or across, or underneath the surface of the water."

A water vehicle accident is an accident that involves a water vehicle in some way. As it applies to workers' compensation, a water vehicle accident is a work-related accident that involves some type of water vehicle, which brings about an injury to a worker. In other words, a water vehicle is responsible in some way for a worker's injury on the job.

A water vehicle accident is classified under several sub-headings. These are:

Types of Work With High Risk for a Water Vehicle Accident

There are types of work where there is a high risk for a water vehicle accident. These include:

Possible Injuries Resulting From a Water Vehicle Accident

Different types of injuries may result from a water vehicle accident. Some of these are:

Can I Get Workers Comp for my Water Vehicle Accident Injury?

The important thing for a worker to know, who has been injured in a water vehicle accident, is that if it occurred as you were doing your job for your employer, you are eligible for workers' compensation.

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