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Radiation Sickness Poisoning

Radiation sickness, poisoning is a listing that is in the Occupational Injury and Illness Classification System (OIICS) of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Radiation sickness, poisoning is used for the nature of an injury or illness that happens to an employee in a work-related event or accident. If an employee suffers an injury or illness that is related to an accident or event at work, the nature of that injury or illness has to be listed in the proper heading of the OIICS.

Radiation sickness is damage to your body that is brought about by a large dose of radiation. In many instances, you get this radiation in a short period of time, which means it is acute. The dose or amount of radiation that your body absorbs is what determines how bad your radiation sickness will be.

Radiation poisoning is another term for radiation sickness. The medical term that is used is acute radiation syndrome (ARS). Another term that is used is radiation toxicity. All of these terms refer to the same illness that is caused by receiving doses of radiation.

There are two basic kinds of radiation. They are ionizing and nonionizing. Nonionizing radiation is what is found in things like microwaves, radar, light and radio waves. In most instances, this type of radiation does not result in tissue damage.

However, ionizing radiation is a different story. This is the kind of radiation that causes radiation sickness, poisoning. Ionizing radiation results in immediate chemical effects on human tissue. Things like gamma rays, x-rays and particle bombardment (mesons, electron beam, protons, neutron beam and others) are what give off ionizing radiation.

In regard to workers' compensation, radiation sickness, poisoning is the type of injury or illness that an employee develops from a work-related accident or event in which an employee receives a dose of radiation.

Kinds of Jobs with High Risk for Radiation Sickness, Poisoning

There are certain kinds of jobs that involve a high risk for radiation sickness, poisoning. Some of these include: