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Open Wounds Workers Comp Claims

Open wounds is a sub-category in the Occupational Injury and Illness Classification System (OIICS) of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The purpose of this sub-category is to detail the nature of a worker's work-related injury. When a worker sustains an injury on the job, that nature of that injury or what brought it about is placed in the appropriate category in the OIICS.

Open wounds are wounds that bring about either an external or an internal break in your body tissue. Open wounds are breaks in your mucous membrane or skin. As it relates to workers' compensation, open wounds are those that result from some kind of incident or event while you are doing your job for your employer.

For example, you may suffer open wounds from a fall at work or mishandling some kind of sharp object. Open wounds may result from machinery or tools. Open wounds may also take place from a car accident that is work related.

Open wounds is a sub-category under the heading of traumatic injuries and disorders. This is a category that is used when a worker experiences an injury that is emotionally disturbing or distressing. Traumatic injuries and disorders are injuries that are brought about by work-related incidents and events that are upsetting. They are incidents and events that may leave psychological and emotional scars.

Kinds of Jobs With a High Risk for Open Wounds Injuries

There are several kinds of jobs that involve a high risk for open wounds injuries. Some of these are:

Possible Types of Injuries Resulting From Open Wounds

There are some different types of injuries that may be caused by open wounds. Some of these include:

Can I Get Workers Comp for my Open Wounds

If you have been injured on the job by open wounds, the thing you probably want to know is, "Can I get workers comp for my open wounds injuries." Yes, you can.

If you are having trouble getting workers comp for your open wounds injuries, you need to talk to a workers' compensation attorney.

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