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Intracranial Injury Workers Comp Claims

Intracranial is a sub-heading in the Occupational Injury and Illness Classification System (OIICS) of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The sub-heading intracranial details the kind of injury that a worker sustains from some type of work-related accident or incident. A work-related accident or incident in which a worker is injured has to be put under the right heading in the OIICS.

The cranium is that portion of your skull that encloses your brain. It is your braincase.

The term "intracranial" means within your cranium. Intracranial means located within or on the surface of your brain.

An intracranial injury is also referred to as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). What this means is an intracranial injury is an injury to your brain. All intracranial injuries are regarded as head injuries. However, the term "head injury" may refer to an injury to another part of your head.

An intracranial injury is damage that occurs to your brain that is caused by an external mechanical force. This can involve things, such as rapid acceleration or deceleration, impact, blast waves or penetration by a projectile. When an intracranial injury takes place, brain function is temporarily or permanently impaired and structural damage may or may not be detectible with the current technology that is available.

As it applies to workers' compensation, an intracranial injury is one that occurs on the job as a result of some kind of accident or incident that takes place. An intracranial injury may result from things like a fall, an explosion, violence or a work-related vehicle accident.

Intracranial is one of the sub-headings that is listed under the main heading of traumatic injuries and disorders. Traumatic injuries and disorders is a heading that is used for injuries that occur to a worker that are emotionally upsetting and disconcerting. An intracranial injury may be extremely traumatic and disturbing to co-workers who see the accident or incident take place. An intracranial injury may result in deep psychological and emotional scars that may last for many years or a lifetime on the worker who is injured and/or co-workers who witnessed the accident or event.

Kinds of Jobs With a High Risk for Intracranial Injuries

There are several kinds of jobs that have a high risk for intracranial injuries. Some of these include:

Possible Injuries From an Intracranial Injury

While any injury to your brain is serious, intracranial injuries are classified as mild, moderate or severe. Possible injuries include:

Can I Get Workers Comp for my Intracranial Injury?

If you have suffered a work-related intracranial injury, one thing you would like to know is, "Can I get workers comp for my intracranial injury?" The answer is that you certainly can if it occurred while you were doing your job for your employer.

If you are having any problems getting workers' compensation for your intracranial injury, you need to see a workers' compensation lawyer.

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