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Fire Unintended or Uncontrolled and Workers Compensation

Fire, unintended or uncontrolled is a class or category or division of workplace accidents, for workers compensation claims, that results in a worker being injured.

Fire -- unintended or uncontrolled refers to a fire that takes place in the workplace that either was not intentionally started or has gotten out of control. When this happens and a worker is injured as a result of the fire, fire -- unintended or uncontrolled is the cause or reason that is listed for the worker being injured.

There are many reasons why a fire is intentionally started in various kinds of workplaces. However, a fire that is intentionally started can become uncontrolled. On other occasions, a fire may develop that was not intended. In either case, it becomes a fire -- unintended or uncontrolled.

Fire -- unintended or uncontrolled can also be placed in some subcategories. These include:

Fire -- unintended or uncontrolled can result from the unintentional ignition of some kind of substance or object. It can also be brought about by a fire that has gotten out of control, which started at an intentional heat source. Examples of fire -- unintended or uncontrolled taking place are trashcans, bedding, cooking oil and major conflagrations of buildings.

Types of Jobs With Higher Risk for Fire -- Unintended or Uncontrolled

While fire -- unintended or uncontrolled can occur in almost any type of occupation or workplace, there are some occupations where there is a higher risk. Some of these are:

Possible Injuries Resulting From Fire -- Unintended or Uncontrolled

The most common injury that is produced by a fire is a burn. Burns are classified in four categories or degrees. These are:

Can I get Workers Comp for my Work Related Fire, Unintentional or Uncontrolled Injuries?

Yes, you can get workers comp. If you are having trouble getting workers comp, talk to a workers comp attorney.

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