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Fall on Same Level and Workers Compensation Claims Help

Fall on same level is a category of accidents on the job that result in injuries from a fall. Fall on same level is defined as being a slip, trip or a fall in which a worker impacts either an object or the surface at the same level or above the surface on which the worker was standing. If you have suffered a fall on same level accident in your workplace, you may need legal help to get the workers comp that you deserve.

A fall on same level accident can take place in many different types of jobs. In most instances, a fall on same level accident results from a worker striking the ground, floor or an unspecified working surface. This may also include sidewalks, ramps, streets, platforms, roofs and steps.

Can I Get Workers Comp for my Work Related Fall Injury?

No matter what type of fall accident you may have experienced at work, the thing you want to know is, "Can I get workers comp for my work related fall injury?" The answer is, "Yes." No matter what kind of fall accident you suffered, if it occurred during the course of and in association with your job for your employer, you are eligible for workers comp. If you are having difficulty getting workers comp for your fall injury, you really ought to call a workers comp lawyer.

The Fall categories of workers compensation

Fall to Lower Level

Fall to lower level is another category of workplace accidents that is similar to fall on same level. However, with a fall to lower level accident, a worker impacts either an object or the surface at a lower level than the one where the worker was working. This involves a worker falling from things like steps, docks, stairs, ladders or platforms.

Fall, N.E.C.

Fall, n.e.c. is another category of workplace accidents that involves a fall by a worker. It is a fall by a worker that is not elsewhere classified (n.e.c.). In other words, it is a fall that, for one reason or another, does not fit into a fall category, such as fall on same level or fall to lower level.

Fall, Unspecified

Fall, unspecified is yet another category of accidents that occur on the job that involves a fall by a worker. Fall, unspecified is similar to fall, n.e.c., but the circumstances surrounding a worker’s fall are not specified. So, it is classified as fall, unspecified.

Jobs With a Higher Risk for Falls

Falls are the leading cause of workplace accidents in all types of jobs. This is true in jobs that range all the way from heavy construction and manufacturing to health services, wholesale, retail and office work.

Possible Injuries From Falls in the Workplace

Several kinds of injuries may result from the various types of falls that take place in the workplace. Some of these include:

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