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Exposure to Radiation and Getting Workers Compensation

Is your work related injury due to exposure to radiation? If it is, you may need legal help. Especially, if you are having trouble getting or have been denied workers comp.

Radiation is energy that comes from a source and travels through space or some kind of material. Heat, sound and light are kinds of radiation.

However, when talking about exposure to radiation, it is what is known as ionizing radiation that is being talked about. The reason for this is due to the fact that ionizing radiation can bring about charged particles (ions) in matter.

Ionizing radiation comes from unstable atoms. Unstable atoms are different from stable atoms in that they have an excessive amount of either mass or energy or both.

Unstable atoms are viewed as being radioactive. In order for these atoms to become stable, they emit (give off) their excess mass or energy. Radiation is what these emissions are referred to.

Exposure to radiation is something that can happen to many workers. This is because radiation is used in many different ways in the workplace. Some of these include:

Occupations with a higher risk for exposure to radiation

Several jobs or occupations have a higher risk for exposure to radiation. Some of these are:

Possible Injuries From Exposure to Radiation

There are several injuries and conditions that may be brought about by exposure to radiation. Some of these include:

Exposure to radiation can damage every tissue that is in your body. The specific way in which exposure to radiation will be manifested depends on the susceptibility of your tissue, the amount of radiation and the time over which the radiation was absorbed.

Can I Get Workers Comp for my Injuries from Exposure to Radiation?

What you would probably like to know is, Can I get workers comp for my injuries or illnesses that are due to exposure to radiation on my job. Yes, you can get workers comp. However, if you are having problems getting workers comp, the best thing to do is to see a workers compensation attorney or begin today with a free case evaulation.

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