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Contact With Electric Current

Contact with electric current is something that can occur very easily. This is due to the fact that the human body conducts electricity exceedingly well, and electric current passes easily throughout the human body.

A worker can make contact with electric current in many different types of employment. Direct contact with electric current can be extremely dangerous. In minor cases, it may result in just a minor shock, but contact with electric current can bring about serious, debilitating and disabling injuries. In severe instances, it can prove to be fatal.

There are several ways that contact with electric current may take place while a worker is doing their job. A worker can be struck by lightening. A worker may accidentally make contact with exposed parts of wiring or electrical machinery.

Some instances of contact with electric current are solely accidental and could not have reasonably been prevented. On the other hand, contact with electric current can be due to defective machinery or the carelessness of an individual.

High Risk Occupations for Electric Current Accidents

Some occupations put workers at a greater risk for contact with electric current than others do. Some of these include:

In addition, contact with electric current can occur in nearly any form of work in what may be termed a "freak accident."

Details of an Electrical Injury

An electrical injury is one in which damage occurs to the skin or internal organs when a worker comes into direct contact with an electric current. Contact with electric current can cause injury in three ways. They are:

  1. Tissue, nerve and muscle destruction that results from a current passing through the body
  2. Thermal burns from contact with the electrical source
  3. Cardiac arrest that is brought about by the electrical effect on the heart

Symptoms after Electrical Current injuries

The signs and symptoms that a person experiences from contact with electric current depend on several things, such as how the current moved through the body, how long the person is in contact with the electricity, the strength and type of the voltate and the person's overall health. Possible signs and symptoms include:

You may have been injured as a result of contact with electric current while performing your job for your employer. The question you may have is, "Can I get workers comp for my injuries, even if I was responsible for the contact with electric current?"

You are entitled to workers comp benefits because you were injured during the course of doing your job for your employer. Also, because when it comes to workers comp, in nearly all instances, fault is not an issue that is considered. For workers comp, it does not matter whose fault it was that resulted in you being injured from contact with electric current.

If you are having trouble getting workers comp or your employer is trying to keep you from getting workers comp, you need to call a workers compensation attorney.

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