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Burns and Corrosion Workers Comp Claims

Burns and corrosions is a listing in the Occupational Injury and Illness Classification System (OIICS) of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This listing describes the type of injury or injuries that an employee receives from some kind of work-related incident or event. When an employee is injured on the job, the report of that injury or injuries has to include the correct listing in the OIICS.

Burns are injuries that occur to the skin or flesh. Burns are referred to as being first-degree if they affect only superficial skin. Burns are known as second-degree when the damage penetrates into some of the underlying layers of the skin. Third-degree burns are those that affect all layers of the skin. Fourth-degree burns involve injury to deeper tissues, such as bone or muscle.

Corrosions are injuries that involve muco-cutaneous surfaces, such as the eyes, esophagus or skin. Corrosions are injuries that involve tissue destruction as the result of direct contact with a strong acid, a strong base (liquefactive necrosis) or coagulation necrosis (a type of accidental cell death).

The primary difference between burns and corrosions is that corrosions are chemical burns. Corrosions result from a corrosive agent or substance, such as acids, bases or oxidizers.

In regard to workers' compensation, burns and corrosions are types of injuries that an employee sustains from some kind of work-related incident or event. This may be from things like an employee coming into contact with flame or fire, scalding from a hot gas or liquid, hot objects, electricity or chemicals.

Burns and corrosions is one of the listings under the main heading of traumatic injuries and disorders. This heading is used for injuries that an employee sustains that are emotionally distressing or disturbing. Burns and corrosions are the results of work-related accidents and events that are troubling and upsetting to co-workers. They are the types of injuries that are visually disturbing and can leave deep emotional and psychological scars that may remain for many years or a lifetime.

Types of Jobs Involving a High Risk for Burns and Corrosions

There are several types of jobs that involve a high risk for burns and corrosions. Some of these are:

Possible Kinds of Injuries Resulting From Burns and Corrosions

Different injuries may result from burns and corrosions. Some of these include:

Can I Get Workers Comp for my Burns and Corrosions?

If you have suffered work-related burns and corrosions, the important question you may have is, "Can I get workers comp for my burns and corrosions injuries. The answer is, "Absolutely."

If you have not been able to get workers' compensation for your burns and corrosions injuries or your employer has told you that you are not eligible for workers' compensation, you really should contact a workers' compensation attorney. A workers' compensation attorney will help you get the workers' compensation benefits that are rightfully yours for your burns and corrosions injuries.

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