Can I Get Workers Compensation for a Grinding Wheel Accident

Can I get workers’ compensation for a grinding wheel accident? If this is a question you are asking, it is probably because you were injured in a grinding wheel accident at work, and you want to know if you can get workers’ compensation for your injury.

A grinding wheel is an expandable wheel that is composed of abrasive particles that are bonded together. A grinding wheel that has diamond or CBN grains is referred to as a superabrasive. A grinding wheel that has aluminum oxide (corundum), silicon carbide or ceramic grains is known as a conventional abrasive.

A grinding wheel is used for grinding, cutting or finishing metal or other objects. Simply put, a grinding wheel is used to cut a material or polish a surface.

How used

The way that a grinding wheel is made is determined by how it is going to be used. Usually it is composed of coarse particles that are bonded and pressed together so as to make a solid, circular shape. However, a grinding wheel can also be made from an aluminum or solid steel disc where the particles are bonded to the surface.

A grinding wheel has many applications in various types of work. They are used in construction, manufacturing, maintenance and emergency response, to name a few.

Due to the nature of a grinding wheel and its intrinsic safety risks, their production is closely controlled. In addition, this control is necessary because of the composition and uniformity that is required to keep a grinding wheel from exploding as a result of the great stresses that are brought about by rotation.

Safety risks

As just mentioned, there are inherent safety risks that go along with the operation and use of a grinding wheel. There are also many safety precautions that can be taken to guard against serious injury. Some of these include:

Always wear safety devices, such as safety glasses, face shield and protective gloves
Always using the proper guard with the grinding wheel
Staying alert and watching what you are doing
Not overreaching
Avoiding accidental starting
Not forcing the wheel
Disconnecting the plug from the power source before making any kind of adjustment
Using only the accessories recommended by the manufacturer
Carrying out a test run after every tool change
Securing and supporting the workpiece to a stable platform.

There are many serious injuries that may result from the operation of a grinding wheel. Some of these are:

Being cut in the face
A leg being injured or lacerated by a grinding wheel explosion
Having a finger, thumb or thumb tip amputated
Your hand being caught between the bit and the wheel
Getting a finger caught in a wheel
A penetrating facial injury
Being disfigured
Getting your finger ground in a wheel
Various eye injuries.

Again, you want to know if you can get workers’ compensation for your injury from a grinding wheel accident at work. You certainly should.

If you are having any problems getting the workers’ compensation you deserve or your employer has threatened you, the right thing to do is to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer and have your case evaluated at no cost or obligation to you.

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