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Missouri Workers' Compensation

Missouri Workers' Compensation

Missouri workman's compensation or workers' compensation is a no-fault insurance plan for employees who have been injured in a work-related accident or who have an occupational illness. Workman's compensation includes medical benefits and wage loss compensation for employees as they attempt to recover from their work injury and return to their jobs.

Details and information for Missouri's workers compensation law is contained in Chapter 287 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri. This law outlines the rights and obligations of employers and employees who are injured at work and seeking workman's compensation.

Missouri workers' compensation is administered by the Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation. Missouri Workers' Compensation Division strives to ensure that an injured worker receives all of the Missouri workman's comp benefits that they are entitled to receive under the Missouri Workers' Compensation law. Disputes or settlements may be reviewed and decided by the Division's Administrative Law Judges who has the authority to award settlements to injured workers for permanent benefits allowed by Missouri compensation law.

Hiring a Missouri Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Workers who suffer from a Missouri work injury or occupational illness and who are unable to work are entitled to compensation. Missouri work compensation lawyers generally offer a free consultation to determine if they can handle your claim.

Work comp lawyers in Missouri can help you secure your full work comp benefits and resolve your case as quickly as possible. Most workman's comp lawyers have handled a diverse case load and understand what compensation is needed for some of the most common types of work injuries including: back injury, neck injury, fibromyalgia, burns, amputation, and blindness.

Missouri workers' compensation attorneys have access to some of the top experts in various medical fields and can help you build a strong workman's compensation case.

Work Injuries Covered Under Missouri workman's Compensation

Missouri workers' compensation covers most work injuries which occur on the job. This can include work injuries caused by the careless actions of a Missouri employee. The employee must, however, be engaged in what is termed "their normal job duties" or official company business.

Work injuries may not be covered by Missouri workman's compensation under the following conditions: The employee was performing an activity expressly prohibited by company police or was against the law. The employee was injured while they were intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. The employee was driving to or from work. The employee was injured while they were intentionally trying to hurt themselves or another person. The employee was engaged in a voluntary, recreational or social activity.

Missouri work injuries or occupational illnesses which are commonly covered under Missouri workman's comp law can include: Bone fractures, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Hernia, Torn Rotator Cuff, Torn Meniscus, Bulging disc, Stroke, Concussion, Asbestosis exposure, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, General Anxiety Disorder.

Missouri Worker's Compensation Benefits

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