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Mississippi Workers' Compensation

Mississippi Workers' Compensation

Mississippi workers compensation or workman's compensation is a no-fault insurance plan created under state law. It is administered by the state of Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission and is funded entirely by Mississippi employers.

Mississippi workers' compensation was instituted in 1948, and it guarantees medical benefits and wage loss protection for Mississippi workers who suffer from a work injury. Workers compensation allows workers to obtain these benefits regardless of who caused the injury and eliminates the need of employees to file a Mississippi personal injury claim.

Workers' compensation benefits the employee who is able to receive medical benefits immediately, without a lengthy and contentious legal battle. It does, however, limit the amount of compensation the employee may have won if they had won a large settlement from a personal injury claim.

Hiring a Mississippi Workers Compensation Lawyer

Many Mississippi workman's compensation claims can be handled with little dispute without the assistance of a Mississippi workers' comp attorney, but if you are unable to receive the medical care or wage compensation you need a Mississippi workers compensation lawyer can help.

Workers compensation lawyers from Mississippi can be consulted at any time. Workers comp lawyers understand Mississippi workers' compensation laws and have helped many claimants get the work comp benefits they deserve.

Work Injuries covered under Mississippi Workers' Compensation

Work injuries are covered under Mississippi workers' compensation if they occur while the employee is performing their normal job duties. There are a multitude of work injuries and occupational diseases which are covered including: Neck injuries, Back injuries, Carpal Tunnel, Concussions, Heart attacks on the job, Strokes on the job, Amputations, Injuries from inhaling toxic chemicals, Closed head injuries, Paralysis, Burns, Spinal cord injuries, Abrasions, Electrocution, Puncture wounds, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Pulmonary conditions

Some Injuries Possibly Not Covered
Mississippi workman's compensation does not cover all work injuries. Employees who are injured at work under any of the following conditions may have difficult winning workers' compensation benefits:

If you have questions about whether or not your Mississippi work injury is covered by Mississippi workman's compensation, contact a Mississippi workman's comp lawyer.

Mississippi Worker's Compensation Benefits

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