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Minnesota Workers' Compensation

Minnesota Workers' Compensation

Workers compensation is available in Minnesota to workers who have suffered a work injury or who suffer from an occupational disease. Minnesota workers' compensation is a no-fault system of laws which was created to help injured workers get the compensation they needed for their work injuries without having to file a personal injury claim against their employer. Worker's compensation is provided to the Minnesota employee without their proving their employer's negligence contributed to their Minnesota work injury.

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry regulates workers' compensation in the state of Minnesota. There mission is to "ensure equitable, healthy and safe work and living environments in Minnesota. Through outreach, education and compliance efforts, we strive to improve the quality of life for Minnesota workers and their families". They hope to achieve their goals by helping to keep the workplace free from injuries, ensuring employee's are provided benefits outlined in workers' compensation law and helping employees understand their legal rights in the workplace.

Hiring a Minnesota Workers' Compensation Attorney

Sustaining a work injury can be devastating, not only for the worker, but also the entire family. If you have been financially and emotionally hurt from a work-related accident, contact a Minnesota workers' compensation lawyer.

Workers' compensation attorneys in Minnesota can help injured workers through the Minnesota workers' compensation appeal's process and can help them start receiving the medical benefits, lost wages and vocational rehabilitation benefits they need.

Employees, who have been fired or discriminated against or who have a permanent or serious work injury, will need help from a Minnesota workman's comp lawyer.

Work Injuries Covered Under Minnesota Workers' Compensation

Work injuries may be covered under Minnesota workers' compensation law if they occurred within the normal scope of an employee's job. Workers who have been injured while they were intoxicated, attempting to injure themselves or others, who were travelling to and from work, who were engaged in intentional or willful misconduct, who showed gross negligence or who violated a clearly announced and enforced rule may be ineligible for Minnesota workers' compensation.

Minnesota work injuries and occupational diseases which are commonly covered under Minnesota workers' compensation can include the following: Carpal Tunnel, Concussions, Heart attacks on the job, Strokes on the job, Amputations, Injuries from inhaling toxic chemicals, Closed head injuries, Paralysis, Burns, Spinal cord injuries, Abrasions, Electrocution, Puncture wounds, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Pulmonary conditions, Back injuries, Neck Injuries.

The Different Minnesota Workers Compensation Benefits:

Minnesota's workers comp insurance provides a variety of different types of benefits to injured workers and can include medical benefits, wage loss compensation (permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, temporary partial disability, and temporary total disability), death benefits and vocational rehabilitation benefits.

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