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Michigan Workers' Compensation

Michigan Workers' Compensation

Michigan employees, who have been injured at work or who suffer from an occupational illness, may be entitled to lost wage compensation and medical benefits. Workers compensation was implemented in most states in the early 1900s. Michigan adopted a workers' compensation act in 1912.

The intent of Michigan's workers compensation act was to provide death benefits, vocational rehabilitation, wage loss compensation and medical benefits to injured employees.

Workers compensation has eliminated the need for injured employees to sue their Michigan employers for compensation or to prove their employer's negligent actions caused their work injury. Workers' compensation, instead, allows the employees, if they qualify, to receive immediate benefits from their employer's workers' compensation insurance.

Workers' compensation in Michigan is administered by Michigan's Workers' Compensation Agency whose goal is to "efficiently administer the Workers' Disability Compensation Act of Michigan, which includes carrier and employer compliance, timely benefit payments, and the prompt and fair adjudication of claims involving Michigan's injured workers".

Hiring a Michigan Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Michigan workers who have suffered catastrophic loss from a work injury will need the assistance of a Michigan workman's comp lawyer. Workers' compensation attorneys in Michigan understand Michigan workers' compensation laws and can answer questions.

Hiring a Michigan workers' compensation lawyer who understands the legal process and who may know the hearing officers and the administrative law judges can greatly improve an injured worker's chances of receive fair compensation.

Work comp lawyers understand the types of benefits injured employees are entitled to collect and can facilitate the workers' compensation process.

Do not allow your employer or the insurance company to force you to settle for less than you deserve. If you have been harassed, fired, denied benefits or discriminated against because of your Michigan work injury, a Michigan workman's comp lawyer can help.

Work Injuries Covered under Michigan's Workers Compensation Law

Workers' compensation provides no-fault insurance to the injured employee. There are exceptions to this rule and benefits may not be provided if it is determined the worker was injured from any of the following:

Injuries most likely NOT covered

Most other Michigan work injuries are covered under Michigan workers' compensation insurance including the following common injuries and occupational illnesses: Back injuries, Concussions, Abrasions, Burns, Amputations of legs, arms, fingers or toes, Cancer from a certain chemical or toxin, Heart attacks at work, Strokes at work, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Post traumatic stress disorder, Radiation poisoning, Asbestosis, Pulmonary conditions.

Michigan Worker's Compensation Benefits

Workers compensation in Michigan provides a variety of benefits for the majority of workers who are considered public or private employees. There may be exceptions for specific industries or for certain Federal government employees. Agricultural workers also may not be automatically covered under Michigan's workers compensation program.

Employees who are covered under workers' compensation can receive medical benefits, death benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and wage loss benefits.

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