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Kentucky Workers' Compensation

Kentucky Workers' Compensation

Kentucky workers' compensation or workman's compensation is outlined in Kentucky's Revised Statutes and provides work injury compensation for employees who have been injured on the job or who have contracted an occupational disease. Kentucky workers' compensation can include paid medical care, temporary and permanent disability compensation and vocational rehabilitations services. Survivors of deceased employees may also be entitled to Kentucky workers' compensation benefits.

Workman's comp programs have been created throughout the United States to eliminate the need for injured employees to file personal injury claims for work injuries. Workers' compensation benefits both the employee and the employer by providing benefits immediately for the employee without them having to fight a protracted legal battle. Under some conditions the employee may accept less money than they would have received if they had won a personal injury claim, but they will get immediate workers' comp benefits without having to prove the employer's negligent actions contributed or caused their Kentucky work injury.

Kentucky's Department of Workers' Claims is the state agency which administers the Kentucky workers compensation program and has exclusive jurisdiction over Kentucky workers' compensation claims. Currently, 80,000 Kentucky employers and 1.7 million Kentucky employees are covered under Kentucky's workers' compensation law.

Hiring a Kentucky Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Not all injured Kentucky workers will need a workman's comp lawyer, but if your work injury is severe or permanent or if your employer has denied Kentucky workers' compensation, it may be a good idea to contact a Kentucky Workers' Compensation Lawyer.

Kentucky work compensation attorneys can also assist employees whose Kentucky work injury has led to workplace harassment or discrimination.

Kentucky Work Injuries covered by Workers' Compensation

Kentucky workman's comp does not cover all injuries. Injuries are only covered under workers' compensation if they occurred while an employee was engaged in their normal job duties and for employees, who according to Kentucky Rev. Stat. 342.6, are "under an express or implied contract for hire or apprenticeship, and any person performing service in the course of the trade, business, profession, or occupation of an employer at the time of the injury". Certain individuals may be exempt from Kentucky workman's coverage including home maintenance repair workers, domestic workers and agricultural workers (exceptions exist).

Employees, who are injured while they are intoxicated, who intentionally try to injure themselves or other or who are travelling to and from work may not receive Kentucky workman's comp benefits.

Most work injuries will be covered by Kentucky workman's compensation. The most common work injuries can include: Neck injuries, Back injuries, Carpal Tunnel, Concussions, Heart attacks on the job, Strokes on the job, Amputations, Injuries from inhaling toxic chemicals, Closed head injuries, Paralysis, Burns, Spinal cord injuries, Abrasions, Electrocution, Puncture wounds, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Pulmonary conditions.

Types of Kentucky Workers' Compensation Benefits

Kentucky employees may be eligible for the following types of Kentucky work injury compensation:

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