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Kansas Workers' Compensation

Kansas Workers' Compensation

Regardless of an employee's job functions, there is no industry that is immune from work injuries. Obviously, some jobs may be more dangerous than others, but if you have been injured on the job and need medical care, Kansas workman's or workers' compensation laws are designed to provide benefits.

Kansas workman's compensation is a no-fault insurance program that helps provide medical benefits and potentially wage loss compensation to employees who suffer from a work injury. Workman's compensation can help alleviate some of the economic consequences of a work injury without the employee filing a Kansas personal injury claim and proving their employer's negligence contributed to their work injury. The employee and the employer potentially benefit from this arrangement and avoid a lengthy legal battle.

Kansas workman's compensation is administered by the Department of Labor whose primary goal is to "advance the economic well being of all Kansans through responsive workforce services". They do this by attempting to perform their job with courtesy, stewardship, sound public police, clear communication and an emphasis on quality and accountability.

Hiring a Kansas Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Not all injured workers will need a work comp lawyer, but Kansas workman's comp laws can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Kansas employers, who are always represented by their own worker comp attorneys, may be less concerned with giving the employee the compensation they deserve after a work injury and more concerned with closing the case.

Hiring a Kansas workers' compensation lawyer may be a good idea if your employer does not acknowledge you suffered a work injury, the doctor tries to send you back to work before you feel you are ready to return, you have residual physical limitations and can not go back to work but you have been released to do so, or your workers' compensation claim has been denied.

Work Injuries NOT covered by Workman's Compensation in Kansas

Kansas workman's comp laws cover work injuries that arise "out of the course of employment". Work injuries that do not occur during the course of employment or result from any of the following are not covered under Kansas workman's comp laws:

Common Work Injuries Covered Under Kansas Workers' Compensation

Common Kansas work injuries and occupational illnesses which are generally covered under Kansas workers' comp laws can include: Neck injuries, Back injuries, Carpal Tunnel, Concussions, Heart attacks on the job, Strokes on the job, Amputations, Injuries from inhaling toxic chemicals, Closed head injuries, Paralysis, Burns, Spinal cord injuries, Abrasions, Electrocution, Puncture wounds, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Kansas Workers' Compensation Benefits

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