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Iowa Workers' Compensation

Iowa Workers' Compensation

Iowa workman's compensation is administered by the Iowa Division of Workers Compensation. Workers comp laws are documented in the Workers' Compensation Act which is part of the Iowa state code. The goal of workers compensation or workman's comp, according to the Workers Compensation Act, is "to provide benefits to employees who receive work injuries, occupational diseases or occupational hearing loss arising out of and during the course of their employment. Workman's compensation benefits are payable regardless of fault and are the exclusive remedy of the employee against their employer".

Iowa workman's compensation does not provide benefits for pre-existing work injuries or diseases unless their employment duties made them worse or aggravated their condition. Workers compensation allows employees to receive immediate medical or wage loss compensation without filing a personal injury claim and proving their employer's negligence contributed to the employee's work injury. The trade-off for the employee is that they receive immediate compensation for their work injury without filing a workers' comp claim and can avoid a lengthy legal court battle.

Work Injuries Covered Under Workers Compensation Law

Iowa workers' comp laws define "work injury" in very broad terms. The work injury must occur during the normal course of employment and may include any physical health impairment that is not part of the "normal building up and tearing down of body tissues". Occupational diseases may also be covered if they were caused by exposure to workplace toxins or from employment activities.

Common work injuries that may be covered include:

Do I Need an Iowa Workers' Comp Attorney?

Iowa work comp attorneys process workman's compensation claims each day for hundreds of employees across the state of Iowa. Not all employees who suffer a work injury will need a workers' comp lawyer, but if you have been denied work injury benefits or if you have a severe or permanent work injury it may be help to have a lawyer on your side to ensure that you get the workman's compensation benefits you need. Your company will have a group of work comp lawyers working for them.

Iowa Worker's Compensation Benefits

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