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Arizona Workers' Compensation

Arizona Workers' Compensation

Arizona workers' compensation is administered by the Industrial Commission of Arizona. This governmental agency is responsible for enforcing state workers' compensation laws and ensuring employees throughout the state are safe and healthy as they work.

Arizona workers' compensation is provided to employees who are injured performing work-related activities or who suffer from an occupational illness. Occupational illnesses must be caused from a direct threat on the job, including but not limited to, exposure of a toxic chemical. Benefits are provided to employees without proof of negligence on the part of the employee.

Common Workers' Compensation Injuries in Arizona

Workers' compensation typically only covers work injuries that "arise out of and in the course of normal employment". Workers who are required to lift heavy equipment or work with dangerous chemicals may frequently suffer work-related injuries. Common workers' compensation injuries can include:

Denying Workers' compensation benefits

Workers' compensation benefits can legitimately be denied for a variety of reasons including:

If your employer is refusing to cover the cost of your work injuries and you believe you have been illegally denied workers' compensation benefits, contact an Arizona workers' compensation lawyer. Workers' compensation attorneys in Arizona may be willing to review your workers' compensation case for free or for a low fee to determine if you have a workers' compensation claim.

Arizona Worker's Compensation Benefits

Workers who are injured on the job may qualify for medical only claims, time loss claims or both.

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