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Alabama Workers' Compensation

Alabama Workers' Compensation

Alabama workers' compensation benefits provide payment for benefits including medical and lost benefits for workers who suffer occupational health problems or who are injured on the job. Compensation and the necessary medical care are generally limited to personal injuries which occur during the course of employment. If the worker is killed from a work injury, compensation may also be extended to the dependents of the worker.

Injured employees do not have to prove the employer is at fault for their Alabama work injury to receive compensation, but workers compensation does limit the employee's ability to sue the employer (unless the employer denies workers' compensation benefits). Alabama workman's compensation is viewed as a compromise, limiting the worker's ability to sue while providing compensation for work injuries.

Employees may forfeit their right to Alabama workman's compensation by willfully injuring himself or others, or using illegal drugs or alcohol. More information can be found in the Code of Alabama, with supplements, beginning with Volume 15, Section 25-5-1.

The Workers' Compensation Division in Alabama is responsible for managing workers compensation in the state of Alabama. Their duties include: compliance inspections, compiling injury and cost statistics, safety promotion, auditing and enforcing claims payments and settlements, dispute resolution, and regulating costs.

Alabama Workers' Compensation Insurance Options

Most private employers in the state of Alabama who employ more than four full or part-time workers must provide workers' compensation coverage (exceptions exist in Code of Alabama 1975, § 25-5-50(a)).

Employers have several options for purchasing Alabama workman's comp insurance including:

Work injuries and conditions covered under Alabama Workers' Comp Law

Alabama workers' compensation laws specifically cover work injuries which "arise out of and in the course of employment". This can include not only work related injuries but also occupational diseases that were "caused by a hazard recognized as peculiar to a particular trade, process, occupation, or employment as a direct result of exposure over a period of time to the normal working conditions of such trade, process, occupation or employment".

Although employers are required to provide adequate training to reduce or eliminate work injuries, regardless of training or the safety precautions, work injuries do occur. Common work injuries can include: back and neck injuries, burns, abrasions, heart attacks, carpal tunnel syndrome, amputations, and diseases caused by exposure to harsh chemicals or toxins.

If a worker's injury or illness meets the criteria specified under Alabama work comp law, the employer is required to provide medical benefits, lost wage compensation and death benefits (if the worker dies from their work injuries or illness).

Lost wage benefits

Medical Benefits

Death Benefits

If you have been injured in a work-related accident in Alabama it is important to notify your employer by written notification within five days from the date of your work injury. The courts have suggested oral notification may be honored, but written notification is preferable. Failure to notify your employee within 90 days from the date of the work injury could result in forfeiture of workers' compensation benefits.

Alabama workers comp laws can be complicated, and the rules and regulations are subject to change. It is important to consult with an Alabama workers' compensation lawyer as soon as possible if you have been injured in a work-related accident.

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