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Definition of Workers Compensation Administrative Law Judge

An administrative law judge in the United States is an official who presides at an administrative trial type of hearing to resolve a dispute between a government agency and someone who is affected by a decision of that agency. This usually occurs at an initial level of a dispute. A workers' compensation administrative law judge has the responsibility of resolving a dispute in a workers' compensation claim between a worker with a work-related injury or illness and their employer or their employer's insurance company.

The workers' compensation system is founded on administrative law in most states. What this means in these states is that there is some type of administrative agency that operates under the executive authority of the governor that has the job of administering workers' compensation laws that were made by the state's legislature. Under an administrative law system, a workers' compensation administrative law judge conducts a trial type of hearing when there is a dispute involving a workers' compensation claim. If an injured worker is not satisfied with the decision that is made by a workers' compensation administrative law judge, there are procedures that vary from state to state in which that decision may be appealed.

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