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Definition of Wages

Wages are defined as payment for services or labor to a worker, especially remuneration that is paid on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, or by the piece. When an employee is paid a fixed weekly or monthly wage, it is usually referred to as a salary. As it applies to workers' compensation, wages include all forms of remuneration that are payable to an employee by their employer over a given period for personal services. In most instances, wages also refer to what an employee is paid on an average hourly or weekly basis. This is then used to determine what an injured worker's lost wages benefit will be while they are recovering from a work-related injury or illness. These lost wages are not subject to either federal or state income tax.

Wages may include several things. Some of these are lodging, fuel, laundry and the market value of board. Wages may also include any other advantage that can be estimated in money that an employee gets from their employer that is part of that employee's remuneration. However, the main part of what constitutes wages is the duties and responsibilities that an employee carries out in their job for their employer on an hourly or weekly basis.

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