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Definition of Voluntary Agreement

A voluntary agreement is something that is a part of a Connecticut workers' compensation claim. In fact, it is one of the most important documents in the Connecticut workers' compensation system, which has to be approved by a Workers‘ Compensation Commissioner. When an employee suffers a work-related accident or illness that results in lost time on the job and their employer accepts their workers' compensation claim as being valid and compensable, the employer has to issue a voluntary agreement.

A voluntary agreement is a workers' compensation form that is used in Connecticut. This form has all of the jurisdictional elements of the workers' compensation claim. It will have the names and addresses of the injured employee who is making the claim, the employee's employer and the employer's insurance company. The name of the doctor who is authorized to treat the injured worker will be on the voluntary agreement. The injured worker's average weekly wage and compensation rate will also be on the form. The voluntary agreement will also give a date of maximum medical improvement, a percentage of loss of use and a calculation of the number of weeks and weekly rate to be paid if the voluntary agreement has to do with some kind of permanent partial disability.

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