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Definition of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Vocational rehabilitation services are goods and services that are necessary to enable a person with a disability to engage in gainful employment. These services include career guidance and counseling, supported employment, job coaching, psychological and medical assessment, on-the-job training, assistive technology and devices, vocational evaluation and planning, job placement, medical and psychological assessment, training and education after high school, job-site accommodations and assessment or time-limited medical and/or psychological treatment.

In regard to workers' compensation, vocational rehabilitation services are aimed primarily at getting an injured worker back to work as soon as possible. Whenever possible, this means returning an injured worker to the job that they had before their work-related injury or illness with a minimum of retraining. If a worker's injury or illness will not allow them to go back to their old job, the goal is to get the worker back to a modified position or a related occupation that is in keeping with the worker's education and marketable skills. If this is not possible, short-term or long-term retraining or on-the-job training may be necessary to enable the injured worker to again be gainfully employed.

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