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Definition of Violation

Violation means a breaking or disregarding, a failing to comply with something. In relation to workers' compensation, each state has specific laws and provisions that govern workers' compensation in that state. A violation is a breaking or failing to comply with those laws and provisions regarding workers' compensation. Both employers and employees may be guilty of committing a violation of workers' compensation laws and provisions.

There are many different kinds of workers' compensation violations. For example, in every state except Texas, most employers with few exceptions are required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance or be self-insured. However, there are employers who place the health of their employees in jeopardy by not having insurance, or they do not pay their premiums and let their policy lapse. An employee may fake an injury in an attempt to get workers' compensation benefits, while they try to hide the fact that they are working at another job. Their goal is to get workers' compensation benefits and the wages from their other job. There are so many workers' compensation violations that it is almost impossible for authorities to investigate every suspected violation or suspicious claim.

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