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Definition of Usual And Customary

Usual and customary have very similar meanings. Usual is defined as typically or habitually done or occurring. Customary means commonly practiced, used, or encountered. Usual and customary is a phrase that is used in different ways in regard to workers' compensation.

Usual and customary may refer to the fees that a health care provider charges for medical care and treatment that is given to an injured worker in a workers' compensation claim. Usual and customary may refer to the fee a doctor charges for providing testimony in a deposition that will be used in a workers' compensation claim. Usual and customary may refer to the job or position that an injured worker had before their injury. Usual and customary may also refer to the normal, regular duties that an injured worker performed in their regular job before they were injured. If an injured worker is able to do light duty or alternate work while they are recovering from their injury, the goal is to return them to their usual and customary job, the position they had before their injury, where they will again do their usual and customary job duties, their regular, normal, habitual job duties.

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