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Definition of Travel Expenses

Travel expenses are expenses that an employee incurs while carrying out their job duties for their employer. They may include gas, food and lodging. They are usually reimbursed by their employer. When it comes to workers' compensation, travel expenses refer to the expenses an injured worker may incur when they have to travel to get medical care for their work-related injury or illness. This includes travel expenses incurred for traveling to the doctor, hospital visit, pharmacy, medical testing or physical therapy. These are expenses that an injured worker, in many instances, does not know about and/or does not realize that they are entitled to.

Travel expenses are usually reimbursed to an injured worker by their employer or their employer's workers' compensation insurance company. While the laws regarding travel expenses vary according to state, usually a worker has to keep receipts and documentation on their travel expenses in order to be reimbursed. The mileage rate at which an injured employee is paid varies from state to state, as does the time limit that a worker has for being reimbursed. If an injured worker is not able to drive or does not have access to a vehicle, in most instances, medical transportation will be arranged for them.

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