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Definition of Temporary Total Disability Ttd

Temporary Total Disability, TTD, is defined as an injury that does not bring about permanent disability or death. However, the injury renders a person unable to perform regular activities or duties over a short term period of time. It is a temporary injury that a person is expected to fully recover from. In relation to workers' compensation, temporary total disability applies to a worker whose job-related injury or illness temporarily keeps them from doing any type of work, including light duty or alternative work. However, in time, they are expected to fully recover and be able to return to the job that they had before their injury or illness.

Just as with temporary partial disability benefits, the compensation that an injured worker will receive for temporary total disability varies from state to state. However, in most states, it will be about two-thirds of what the injured worker's normal average weekly wage was. For example, if an injured worker's normal average weekly wage was $600. They will usually receive around $400, which is two-thirds of their normal average weekly wage. However, the amount that an injured worker receives is subject to minimum and maximum limits that vary from state to state.

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