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Definition of Stipulation

Stipulation is an agreement or concession that is made by parties in a judicial proceeding that relates to the business before the court. It has to be in writing unless it is a part of the court record. As it applies to workers compensation, it has different names in different states. It is referred to as a stipulation with award settlement or stipulations with request for award in California. In Connecticut, it is referred to as a full and final stipulation settlement. In Missouri, it is called a stipulation for compromise settlement. In Minnesota, it is a stipulation of settlement.

What is involved in stipulation or a stipulation settlement also varies from state to state. In California, it can be a workers' compensation settlement that includes future medical care and payment that takes place over time. In Connecticut, a stipulation settlement closes a workers' compensation case, finally. An injured worker is paid a sum of money and/or provided certain medical treatment or treatments in return for signing away any future right to benefits for the stipulated injury or disease. In New York, stipulation refers to parties in a case stipulating to uncontested facts or proposed findings in any claim before the Workers' Compensation Board.

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