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Definition of Scope of Employment

Scope of employment has to do with anything that a worker does in the ordinary course of doing their job for their employer. In a legal matter, determining whether an incident, event or action took place within the scope of employment has great importance. Whether that event, incident or action occurred in the scope of employment can have a serious affect on a worker's legal rights.

The scope of employment has a fairly wide definition. Usually, if a worker does something that is in the ordinary course of their duties as an employee, it is regarded as being within the scope of their employment. If a worker's employer tells that worker to do something, even if it is not one of that worker's usual duties, it is looked at as being within the scope of employment. This is especially important when it comes to workers' compensation because if a worker suffers an injury or illness in the scope of their employment, with few exceptions, that worker is eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits for that injury or illness. If a worker believes that their injury or illness occurred in the scope of employment and their employer is trying to keep them from filing a workers' compensation claim or deny them workers' compensation benefits, that worker should contact a workers' compensation attorney.

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