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Definition of Sanction

Sanction means a provision of a law that enacts a penalty for disobedience. A sanction is a penalty. In Texas, as it applies to workers' compensation, a sanction is a penalty or other punitive action or remedy that is imposed by the Commissioner of Workers' Compensation.

A Sanction may be imposed by the commissioner on any one of several parties in regard to a workers' compensation claim. A sanction may be imposed on an employer, employee, health care provider, insurance company or representative for an act or omission in violation of workers' compensation law in Texas. A sanction may also be imposed for violation of a rule, decision or order of the commissioner. A sanction may involve disciplinary action, fines, imprisonment or anything else that the commissioner regards as being relevant. If a sanction is imposed on an employee in a workers' compensation case, that employee will definitely need the representation of a workers' compensation attorney due to the fact that a sanction is an extremely serious matter.

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