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Definition of Request For Reimbursement

A request for reimbursement can be made by an employer or an insurance carrier in regard to workers' compensation benefits. For example, in New York, if an employer has made advance payments of compensation, or has made payments to an employee in the same way as wages during any time of a worker's disability, and wants to be reimbursed, the law allows deductions for reimbursement to be made from unpaid compensation that is due the employee. An insurance company can make a request for reimbursement from the Special Disability Fund. This involves a request for reimbursement of benefits that were paid to a claimant while a workers' compensation case was being litigated.

A request for reimbursement may also be made by a worker with an approved, work-related injury. This may include requesting reimbursement for things, such as mileage involved in receiving needed medical care, other expenses related to medical care and lost wages. Each state will have its own form and requirements for reimbursement being granted to an injured worker. If there is a dispute regarding a request for reimbursement that is made by an injured worker, it is always a good idea for that worker to have a workers' compensation attorney representing them.

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