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Definition of Reopened Case

Reopened case or reopening a case refers to the reopening of a workers' compensation case that has been closed. It then becomes a reopened case. This is permitted when an injured employee has not accepted some type of a full and final settlement, such as most lump sum settlements. In this event, a workers' compensation case cannot be reopened. The worker's employer's insurance company no longer has any liability or responsibility in regard to the claim.

There has to be a good reason for reopening a workers' compensation case. The reasons for being allowed to do so vary from state to state. However, a worsening of an injured worker's condition is one of the grounds that is usually allowed for reopening a workers' compensation case. In most instances, evidence and proof have to be submitted for a case to be reopened. The time that an injured worker has for applying to reopen their case varies from state to state, as does the fee for filing the application. The manner in which an injured worker goes about getting their workers' compensation case reopened also varies by state. Reopening a case is not a simple matter. An injured worker should seriously consider being represented by a workers' compensation attorney if they are thinking about reopening their workers' compensation case.

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