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Definition of Relapse or Recurrence Benefits

Relapse or recurrence, relapse or recurrence benefits are terms that are used in a Connecticut workers' compensation case. Relapse or recurrence refers to a situation in which an injured worker who has received workers' compensation benefits for a valid work-related injury or occupational disease has improved and returned to work, but the worker subsequently suffers a return, a relapse or recurrence, of a medical problem or problems that resulted from the injury or disease. The result being that the worker has another period of not being able to work and/or the necessity for additional medical treatment.

When this takes place in Connecticut, an injured worker is eligible for wage replacement benefits for a relapse or recurrence. Relapse or recurrence benefits are the wage replacement benefits that are paid to a worker who has a compensable work-related injury or occupational disease during the period that is known as a relapse or recurrence of the worker's previous injury or disease. These relapse or recurrence benefits are paid at the worker's original temporary total benefits rate or the temporary total benefits rate at the time of the relapse or recurrence, whichever is higher.

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