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Definition of Rehabilitation Consultant

A rehabilitation consultant in California is a person who is employed by the Division of Workers' Compensation, DWC. While a qualified rehabilitation representative in California works directly with an injured worker to counsel, evaluate and place disabled workers in new jobs, a rehabilitation consultant oversees vocational rehabilitation procedures and makes decisions about vocational rehabilitation benefits. A rehabilitation consultant also helps to resolve disputes.

In Michigan, a rehabilitation consultant completes and oversees a variety of professional assignments. These assignments encourage and assist human services with the implementation, maintenance and development of rehabilitation programs for persons with disabilities. Job duties and responsibilities include providing services to industry and business employers to expand and/or improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities, advising local communities in the improvement and establishment of rehabilitation facilities and sheltered workshops, providing assistance to local agencies and officials in developing proposals for state and federal grants for rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities, conducting research, developing training strategies and providing staff training in an area or all over the state and analyzing and reviewing casework techniques for compliance with federal and state regulations. A rehabilitation consultant is supposed to make sure that an injured worker receives the appropriate medical care that they require.

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