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Definition of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation means to restore to a former state; to bring to a condition of health or useful and constructive activity. There are many types of rehabilitation. These include physical rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, drug rehabilitation, penal rehabilitation and psychiatric rehabilitation, to name a few. The type of rehabilitation and the goals of rehabilitation may be different for different people according to their various needs and limitations.

As it applies to workers compensation, rehabilitation is restoring a worker who has a work-related injury to, or as close as possible to, their physical condition and the earning capacity that they had before their work-related injury. Rehabilitation is a program that offers special services that are designed to eliminate the disability, if that is possible, or alleviate or reduce the disability to the greatest degree that is possible. Rehabilitation is aimed at helping an injured worker go back to work when it is possible or to aid the person who has a residual disability to live and work at their maximum capacity. Rehabilitation benefits are some of the most valuable benefits that are provided by workers' compensation, especially if a worker has suffered a serious injury that requires extensive therapy for a long period of time.

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