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Definition of Qualified Rehabilitation Representative

A qualified rehabilitation representative, also called a rehabilitation counselor, is a person who is trained and has the ability to counsel, evaluate and place disabled workers in new jobs in a California workers' compensation case. A qualified rehabilitation representative is needed when an injured worker is unable to return to the job that they had before their work-related injury due to their disability resulting from that injury.

A rehabilitation counselor's role and responsibilities are important for an injured worker. They include clarifying and identifying the injured worker's medical work restrictions as stated in their medical record, identifying limitations that may affect successful return to gainful employment, clarifying the work restrictions with the worker's employer, identifying and classifying the job classifications that the injured worker is qualified to reinstate or transfer to and that fit the worker's work restrictions, assisting the worker in a job search that utilizes all available resources and counseling the injured worker on interviewing skills if the worker is required to interview for a position outside of their original department.

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