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Definition of Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant

A qualified rehabilitation consultant is a person who works with an injured worker in a Minnesota workers' compensation case. The job of a qualified rehabilitation consultant is to work with an injured worker in assisting them back to work. This may be in their original position that they had with their employer when they were injured. Or, if their injury is going to prevent them from doing their former job, it is to help an injured worker find a new position. Job placement with a new employer may be necessary if no position is available with their employer where they were injured.

An injured worker may choose the qualified rehabilitation consultant, or the worker's employer's insurance company may choose the consultant. The insurance company will likely try to choose a qualified rehabilitation consultant for an injured worker, quickly. If this is the case, it will probably be a person who has worked for the insurance company for a long time and is biased in favor of the insurance company. It is important that an injured worker chooses the qualified rehabilitation consultant that will work with them. This is because the consultant can have a huge impact on the outcome of an injured worker's claim.

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