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Definition of Permanent Disability Rating

Permanent disability rating is a term that is used in a California workers' compensation case. It is a system of ranking the severity of disabilities. Permanent disability benefits begin in California for an injured worker when the doctor who is treating that worker says the worker's injury has reached the point of being permanent and stationary, meaning that no additional improvement is expected. When the doctor makes a permanent and stationary report, the injured worker receives a permanent disability rating that corresponds to a limited amount of money that is designed to compensate for a lower earning capacity because of the permanent disability.

A permanent disability rating is based on the medical evaluator's medical condition report, the worker's injury date, age, occupation, how much of the disability was caused by the worker's job and the worker's reduced future earning capacity. The amount of permanent disability compensation that the worker receives is based on a disability rating scale that estimates how much the worker's injury will impact their ability to work. If the worker does not agree with their permanent disability rating, they have the right to dispute it.

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