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Definition of Permanent And Stationary

Permanent and stationary is a medical term that is used in a California workers' compensation case. It means the same thing as maximum medical improvement. Permanent and stationary means that an injured worker has reached a point where they have improved from their injury as much as is medically possible. It means the worker's condition has stabilized and no change is likely. It means that an injured worker is left with some type of permanent disability.

When an injured worker's condition is declared to be permanent and stationary, the treating doctor has to send a report to the claims administrator of the case that tells them the injured worker has a permanent disability. The doctor also has to determine if any part of the worker's disability resulted from something other than the work-related injury. This is known as apportionment. If an injured worker disagrees with the treating doctor's evaluation of their injury being permanent and stationary, it can be appealed. Being declared permanent and stationary is an extremely important point in a workers' compensation case. It is important for an injured worker to be represented by a workers' compensation attorney when this happens.

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