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Definition of Panel Qualified Medical Evaluator Qme

A qualified medical evaluator QME is a physician who evaluates an injured worker in a California workers' compensation case when there is a disagreement by either the worker or the worker's employer's insurance company in regard to the treatment or opinion that has been provided by the treating physician. In order to qualify as a QME, a doctor has to meet educational and licensing requirements. A doctor also has to pass a test and take part in ongoing education on the workers' compensation evaluation process in order to be a QME.

A panel QME is a randomly generated list of three QME physicians that is issued to an injured worker when there is some kind of question or dispute about whether that worker's injury is work related, or if there is a medical dispute that has not been resolved by the treating doctor's report. A panel QME is used when an injured worker does not have an attorney. When an injured worker is represented by an attorney, the doctor can be selected by the worker and their attorney, if the worker's employer's insurance company agrees on the doctor. In this case, the doctor is referred to as an agreed medical evaluator AME.

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