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Definition of Occupational Disease Notice And Causal Relationship

Occupational Disease, Notice and Causal Relationship (ODNCR) is a term that is used in a New York workers' compensation claim when that claim is made because of an occupational disease. The New York workers' compensation system defines an occupational disease as a disease that arises from employment conditions for a class of workers. It has to be a disease that occurs as a natural incident for particular occupations that is distinct from and exceeds the ordinary risks and hazards of employment. To be considered an occupational disease, there also has to be a recognizable link between the disease and some distinctive feature of a worker's job. Occupational disease, notice and causal relationship are the minimal conditions that have to be met before financial responsibility can be assigned for a claim for workers' compensation that is based on an occupational disease.

Specifically, it has to be shown that:

  • The claimant has an occupational disease that is recognized by the Workers' Compensation Law (WCL).
  • The claimant has, after the onset of the disease, notified their employer within the statutory time limit.
  • A causal relationship exists between work-related activities and exposure, the development of the occupational disease and a subsequent disability.
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