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Definition of Objective Clinical

Objective Clinical or Laboratory Finding, are two terms that may be used in a Texas workers' compensation claim, especially when there is a dispute of some kind that is involved in the claim. Objective, as defined in the Texas Workers' Compensation Act, means independently verifiable or confirmable results that are based on recognized laboratory or diagnostic tests, or signs that are confirmable by physical examination. Objective clinical laboratory finding means a medical finding of impairment that results from a compensable injury that is based on competent objective medical evidence, that is independently confirmable by a doctor, including a designated doctor, without reliance on the subjective symptoms that are perceived by the employee.

This can have great significance in a workers' compensation claim where there is a dispute between an injured worker and their employer or their employers workers' compensation insurance company. By using clinical or laboratory findings to determine an impairment rating, the Texas workers' compensation system is using what is known as "evidenced-based medicine.However, critics say that it is not really evidence based, and it reduces the autonomy of the doctor-patient relationship by limiting an injured worker's right to choose what is best in their individual circumstances.

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