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Definition of Network

A network, in terms of medical care and workers' compensation, is a group or entity of group health care providers who provide health care services to injured workers whose employer or employer's workers' compensation insurance company is a member of that network. The name that is given to a network that provides health care to workers who have a work-related injury or illness varies from state to state. In California, the network is known as the Medical Provider Network (MPN). In Texas, it is referred to as "networkor "workers' compensation health care network.Other states use what is known as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

The important issue is whether an injured worker has to get medical care and treatment from within the network in order to have their workers' compensation claim approved and receive workers' compensation benefits. The answer depends on the state that an injured worker lives in. In some states, an injured worker is allowed to choose the doctor that they want to treat them. In other states, an injured worker's employer chooses the doctor who treats the injured worker. In some states, an injured worker can choose who treats them for a work-related injury, as long as the doctor is in the network.

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