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Definition of Injury

Injury is defined as a trauma or wound, a hurt, harm or damage that is done to the physical structure of the body by an external force. In relation to workers' compensation, injury refers to a work-related event that results in a worker suffering hurt, harm or damage in some way. In other words, when applied to workers' compensation, injury is an event that occurs arising out of and in the course of a worker doing their job for their employer.

If you suffer an injury at work and want to receive workers' compensation benefits for that injury, you will have to show that your injury was work related. This is due to the fact that for workers' compensation an injury may not be covered. Examples are:

  • The injury results from the natural deterioration of tissue, organ or part of the body
  • The injury takes place when you are participating voluntarily in an employer-sponsored party, fitness activity or recreation (although there are situations where an injury may be covered)
  • The injury occurs while you are drunk or on drugs
  • The injury happens while you are "horsing aroundor breaking the law.
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