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Definition of Health Care

Health Care Facility, Health Care Practitioner, and Health Care Provider; These are all interrelated terms that have to do with health care; the place where health care can be received, and the person or place that will provide the health care. Health care is a broader, more encompassing term than medical care. It involves medical care. It includes all reasonable and necessary medical treatments, medical aid, medical examinations, medical diagnoses, medical services and medical evaluations. However, health care also includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, injury, illness and other mental and physical impairments in people. Health care refers to the work that is being done in primary care, secondary care and tertiary care, as well as public health. It is the care that an injured worker requires in order to facilitate their healing and enable them to return to work. Under workers' compensation, there is no time limit on how long an injured worker may receive the health care that they need.

Health care facility, health care practitioner and health care provider all have to do with the place or facility that will provide an injured worker's health care that they require, and the person or facility that will provide that health care. A health care facility can be an emergency clinic, outpatient clinic, hospital, doctor's office or other facility. In order for an injured worker to receive workers' compensation benefits, the health care facility has to be an approved health care facility by the worker's employer's workers' compensation insurance company. In like manner, the health care practitioner, the person who is providing the health care to an injured worker, has to be licensed and approved by the state and the worker's employer's insurance company. The health care provider can be regarded as a person, a health care practitioner, or it may refer to the health care facility where an injured worker is receiving health care.

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