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Definition of Findings And Award

Findings & Award (F&A) is one of the ways to settle a California workers' compensation case. It is a written determination that is made by a workers' compensation administrative law judge in regard to your case that includes payments and possible future medical care. In fact, the main components of this type of workers' compensation settlement are the percentage of your disability that is determined and whether you will need additional medical care in the future. Your percentage of disability comes from the doctor's opinion as to your level of disability. This usually involves a dispute because the level of your disability is what determines the amount of money that you will receive. There are 3 options in regard to future medical care. Either you are entitled, are not entitled or you may be entitled to future medical care. In most cases, what is agreed on is that you may be entitled to future medical care.

Findings & Award is usually a good thing for a worker who will remain employed by the employer they worked for when they were injured. The case can be re-opened at a later date if an injured worker requires future medical care. If the Findings & Award is not appealed, it is a final order.

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