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Definition of Filing

Filing is delivering or sending a document to a government agency or your employer as part of what is required in some type of legal process, such as a workers' compensation claim. The date of the filing is considered to be the date that the document is received. It is extremely important in filing a workers' compensation claim that you find out how to file the claim. In some states, you fill out a form. In others, your employer fills out a form to be filed. In some states, both you and your employer have forms that have to be filed.

In regard to filing a workers' compensation claim, you are allowed to file a claim for benefits as soon as you are injured on the job or develop a work-related illness. If you delay in filing a claim, it can be a significant disadvantage and may permit the insurance company to deny your claim. It varies from state to state significantly on the number of days that you have to let your employer know about an injury or an illness. In most states, you have a one month time limit, but in other states, it can range from a few days to two years.

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