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Definition of ex Parte Communication

Ex parte is a Latin term that means ?from (by or for) one party.? For workers' compensation, it is a private communication with a judge concerning something that is disputed without the other party being present or copied with correspondence. In other words, it is one side talking to a judge about something in a workers' compensation case without the other side knowing about it. A judge is not permitted and cannot consider ex parte communication when deciding a case unless this is expressly allowed by law.

The laws regarding ex parte communication vary from state to state. Ex parte communication is something that an injured worker should be very wary of. For example, the doctor who is treating you for your work-related injury or illness should be able to do this without unnecessary intrusion by your employer, their workers' compensation insurance company or others. If you consent to ex parte communication with your treating doctor, you open your medical treatment, as well as your right to workers' compensation benefits, to the frustration, substantial harm and confusion that may be brought about by an unscrupulous employer who abuses the communication or gives misleading or false information to the doctor behind your back.

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