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Definition of Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence-based medicine is defined as being the current best quality medical and scientific evidence that is formulated from credible scientific studies, and practice and treatment guidelines in making decisions concerning the care of an injured worker. It is integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research.

However, critics say that some of the guidelines of evidence-based medicine are not necessarily scientific or evidence based. They disagree with evidence-based medicine on the grounds of practical and philosophical flaws. Critics say that some of these flaws include the philosophical underpinnings that are based on empiricism, the definition of evidence being narrow and excluding information that is important to clinicians, that it is not 'evidenced based' because it does not meet its own empirical tests for efficacy, the usefulness of applying it to an injured worker is limited and it reduces the autonomy of the doctor-patient relationship by limiting an injured worker's right to choose what is best in their individual circumstances.

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