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Definition of Dispute

Dispute is a disagreement in regard to your right to receive workers compensation services, payments or other benefits. It is usually between an injured worker and their employer and/or employer's insurance company. In most instances, a dispute usually involves your employer or their workers' compensation insurance company saying that your injury or illness was not work related or did not happen on the job, and you are not entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits. In other instances, you may be disputing the amount, duration or type of benefits that the insurance company says you will be receiving for your work-related injury or illness.

Some disputes may be resolved with open communication and dialogue between you, your employer and the insurance company. However, when a dispute is not resolved in this way, you may need the assistance and representation of an attorney in a contested case proceeding. The steps that have to be taken and the way in which disputes are attempted to be resolved vary from state to state.

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